Postdate: 4 July, 2014

Nexy Jadeblade, part 6

Nexy and Queen Myala Everstar

I searched for two days before I found a clue, an almost not readable disk with data. I managed to salvage enough information to understand what the power source would look like. Supposedly it would be some kind of structure, build from a green crystal which other explorers had seen before in this area. However, these crystals must have been refined in some kind of way. According to my gathered information they should be polished, standing three together, all connected to one an other through a power line on the ground. Considering the quality of the data disk I were positive that the energy supplier would’ve been overgrown a long time ago. With that in mind I returned to the giant tree, confident I would find some kind of lead of which direction I should search. A cable, a line or something.

Didn’t take me long to find a trace, a cable disappearing underground. To me it seemed like it was the only cable not circling upwards inside the tree. I could feel the excitement growing as I traveled to the west, the excitement which could only grow from the knowledge that a discovery were close.

After searching further and further away from the tree I found it. It was so well hidden I realized I had already searched the area several times. However, something had drawn me back, intuition, perhaps. The power structure were extremely overgrown. It almost seemed to me that the crystals had something to do with it. Maybe now that the tree were not powered they gave their energy to the surrounding vegetation which in turn both had grown faster and wilder then its cousins further away. I began the cleansing when I were sure I would not cause any structural damage. When the sun set and the light began to fade I returned to the camp, not even halfway through the vegetation.

The following day I had company, many of the scientist could not keep their excitement in check and had more or less begged to help. I’m not stupid enough to turn help down so there they were, doing my work while I investigated what was made visible. A messenger came to me around midday asking for me to return to the main camp as soon as possible. I gave the energy structure a last glance before I turned around and followed the messenger. She really looked important and I couldn’t recall I had seen her before. She said she wasn’t allowed to tell whom she served. I nodded with a raising tension.

I were lead to a new tent, a big one made out of excellent fabric. Soldiers in fine uniforms stood guard as I entered. My tension were like a large knot in between my shoulders, I could even feel fear dancing around it. However, they could not match my life force, curiosity, which soon overwhelmed them both. Inside the tent I saw several people who really looked out of place, as if a peacock had entered a chicken roost. They all gave me warm and inviting smiles and stood aside, creating a corridor for me to walk. I swallowed and moved forward. In the end of the corridor I saw someone anyone born today would know, Queen Myala Everstar.

When the Queen gave me a nod, I immediately got on my knees. She asked me to stand and let go of formalities, after all, she were a visitor. I arose and continued on my path towards the Queen. Myala met me halfway and greeted me with a smile. “Your discovery have impressed us” she said with her smooth but somewhat irritating voice, I guess I would get used to it if I spoke to her a lot. Nonetheless she complimented me some more and were showing honest interest in the expedition. We spoke for a long time and I ended up as her guide through the camp. When we passed Fenra she gave me a encouraging nod which I returned with a thankful smile.

Myala were pleased with everything and said they would start sending more Exiles to this area. Her ambition were to find a new home, which wasn’t a spaceship. I had noted that no one were longing for spaceships, almost as if they had began hating the vehicle all together. The Queen mentioned that the Aurin and Mordesh had developed a plan to populate the area and therefore the next addition to the expedition would be several Mordesh scientists and soldiers and with more people the demand for new land would grow. My job would be to lead a group of explorers even further away from the camp, into new territory. I dared to question the pick of group leader which Myala laughing said would be no problem for me and she would not change her decision. We continued to discuss the expedition group for awhile before Myala said good night and wished me good luck on future endeavors. I thanked humbly but were somewhat relieved that here presence were gone. I really liked her, she had humor, a kind heart and a lively spirit but she also had the presence of a queen which limited you.

The simple fact that the Queen had arrived without notice underlined the importance of my discovery. Exiting times were ahead but I could live without Mordesh reinforcements. I never felt I could trust them, maybe it’s because their hulking posture, disease looking skin and the two glowing eyes that don’t seem trustworthy to me. Then again, they are a pillar of the Exiles and without them the dominion would crush us in no time.

Back at my tent the blankets looked inviting and I slept within minutes.

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