Postdate: 3 July, 2014

Nexy Jadeblade, part 5


The trip went smooth and we quickly set camp, though some people could not avoid investigating the tree. I can’t blame them, it was an amazing discovery. Ylim approached me in his stale manner asking about the perimeter, I gave him a quite detailed report. He just stood there, nodding in quiet agreement or shaking his head when some information wasn’t enough. At the end of out monologue I were rather irritated and about to bark when he thanked me and turned away. I gave his back a stern glare and let a growling sound escape my lips. Suddenly I felt a soft touch on my left shoulder and I turned ready for anything. Fenras eyes were fixated on Ylims back when she spoke with a low voice, as if she were somewhere else. The purple haired Aurin explained that the man walking away from us had recently returned from a mission. No one really knew what had happened but the captain had changed. She sighted and returned to the present. “Dinner?” she asked with a smile. I nodded, it had been a long day and I could feel an exhaustion coming.

We ate in silence, both lost in thoughts about the future, past and present. Much had happened since I arrived, I had learned so much, met many new interesting people and I were free from the constrains of a spaceship with its walls and borders. When I smiled Fenra gave me a questioning look. I laughed and told her what was on my mind. We began to talk about all the things which make one happy. The joy of friendship, adventure and exploration. The sun had disappeared a while ago when we eventually decided to go and sleep. It had been a long and exiting day but at that moment, rest were everything.

When I woke late in the morning I could feel a painful aching sensation in my legs. The running the previous day took out its toll. I’ve always labeled myself as decently trained but apparently I had lost some of my strength and in silence I vowed that I’d regain it. Fenra shattered my thoughts with her warm greeting. We ate breakfast together. She said she’d just woke up but the lie were obvious to me. I’m positive she had already been awake a while. After all, she is one of the leading figures of this expedition. Still, I were happy for her company but couldn’t resist telling her I would not feel bad for oversleeping. She looked surprised and shocked but admitted it was true. I laughed, a good start of an interesting day, I thought.

Fenra told me she had been summoned to the main tent for a briefing. I wished her luck but she said I were summoned to. My surprise must have shone through because she explained that after all, Nexy Jadeblade had made the discovery. I nodded and we started to walk towards the tent.

The large tent where all important decision were made looked tiny in comparison to the giant tree in the background. Inside were rather dark but my eyes quickly adjusted and I could see we were the first to arrive. Fenra lighten a lamp and I walked up to the large table in the tents center. On it lay several documents shattered on a black hologram screen. I found the power button and with a faint windy sound it started and displayed a map over our exploration. I hadn’t really grtiped how large it was but the area we had unveiled was big. Behind me I heard people entering and Fenras greetings. I looked up and followed her example before I placed myself in the back. I’d never liked being around authorities nor been one myself. “Calm down” I told myself and exhaled slowly. “… sure you remember Nexy, she who found the tree. Could you please give us the details again?”. I saw an outstretched arm pointing towards me. After what seemed like an eternity I realized I should say something. I cleared my throat and explained what had happen the previous day, this time as detailed as I could remember.

As the days went by I grew more and more familiar with my new role. It frighten me that I enjoyed the attention, as if something slumbering had awaken and I was not sure if I should embrace or push it away.

Every day the scientists reported something new but it wasn’t til day eight of the expedition they made a significant discovery. The mechanical parts of the tree had an energy function which required a specific power source to activate and they had a clue of where to find it. I decied I had had enough of camp life and took on the mission. After preparation I embarked to find the power source.

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