Postdate: 3 July, 2014

Nexy Jadeblade, part 2

Fenra Skytree

Outside the craft I was greeted by a woman. She introduced herself as Fenra Skytree. Her wavy purple hair framed the everyday facial features, the long ears had a life of their own when she was talking and it was sometimes hard not to laugh in amusement. Fenra quickly and objectively reviewed the situation in Greenleaf Glade and in the rest of Everstar Grove. My previously happy mood gave way to astonishment and at the end of the breifing, a mixture of sadness and determination.

An unknown disease or virus had Everstar Grove in a firm grip resulting in its wildlife and ecosystem no longer being in harmony. Fenra was a tiny bit hopeful of finding a solution in the near future, which made me feel better.

After completing the breifing Fenra gave me a guided tour around the camp and introduced me to various important people. Captain Ylim Darkleaf, a tall and muscular individual with a facial expression as created from bark. His short black hair only augmented the dark image his revelation gave. Before we went on with the tour, I saw how Fenra gave Ylim a loaded smile which Mr. dark completely missed. With a sigh, she turned around and escorted me onward. I asked gently what I had just seen was about. Fenra replied tortuous that some things in the cosmos could not be explained. It was clear that there was a history between them, but I decided not to pressure my guide for more information, even though it interested me. Sooner or later, such a story would crawl to surface.

The next person to be presented was the generous chef Elana Silversong. A chubby woman in her prime and obviously someone with ear for gossip. I made a mental note to visit her for more information about Mr. dark and Fenras background when an opportunity arised. Unfortunately, however, she had to go back to her kitchen duties. Before she returned to her duties she force us to take some delicious cakes of unknown type. When Elana had turned us her back, Fenra offered me her share of the cookies. I gave her a questioning look and got a vague answer that she wanted to keep her figure. With a polite thanks, I received the delicious small cookies, and in silence I praised the vanity of others.

We continued so for a while but one thing I noticed was that despite the situation with the disease or virus, the camp atmosphere was good. There was laughter, talk and was in every way homey. My mood soon changed direction for the better. Fenra seemed to have noticed my humors change and smiled at me pointing out that despite the situation they had come closer and closer to a solution and any case it served no purpose to be depressed. I nodded in agreement.

Soon the sun’s last rays lick the tops of the trees, which made me realize how quickly time had passed. Fenra herself was taken by surprise by the sudden sunset. She complained a little that day was already over, but took me to my bed near the camp’s center. I thanked her for her help and the days lovely company. Fenras ears danced excited when she returned the thanks and turned around with the excuse that she had other errands to complete before it was time to sleep. If I had not got the orientation wrong Ylim should’ve been stationed in her direction. I crawled into bed with a smile on my lips and fell asleep without much trouble, after an exciting day.

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