Hello there! I’m Widar. It’s a pleasure meeting you!

I was born in the early 1988. When few used cellphones and internet was something only public establishments provided. I barely remember how things worked and looking back it’s sometimes hard to believe it actually did. My home were located far away from closest town, a tiny farm in the middle of nowhere. It was awesome! Fresh air, nature and huge (at least from the perspective of a small kid) areas to play in. With few friends close by you had to treasure those you had. I learned how to communicate and co-operate with people even though they were not friend-material. In year 0-5 of school we were about 20-30 kids in total in the whole school. With at least 5 teachers. That’s how teacher-pupil ratio should be like!

The amount of people in my surroundings kept growing as I grow older. It’s a big step from living in the countryside to living in a great city like Stockholm. I’ve given me a quite large perspective on many things, especially travel time. Having to wait 10 min for a bus because you were late is rather relaxing compared to having to wait several hours. Oh, the joy of commuting!

One of the first stepping stones in my life was when I began to study nature science after ninth grade. From about 150-300 pupils to over 1000 was amazing! New, fresh and exciting. I soon realized that the long way to school crippled my life so me and two friends got an apartment and that’s when I moved from my parents. I’ve always been rather grown up and reasonable for my age which made the three years of study a breeze.

I began working roughly eight months after my graduation. I were employed by a firm producing foam mattresses and other foam products for beds, sofas and furnitures in general. It was pretty exciting since it was my first “real” job. However, I soon realized that the monotonous tasks made me depressed. I were also moved to a night shift where I would work alone. This made me decide to do something else.

After some time I found a school teaching web design. I applied and got in. It was for only a year but it was interesting and laid the foundation of my web design and sparkled my interest of programming.

I moved to Stockholm after some time of self discovery (or self-not-discovery) and began working for a dentist wholesale firm. My main focus were design and construction of their home pages. Though a in a small company like this you’re bound to do other things as well. Like administration, handling orders, communicate with other company’s and solving technical issues or just finding solutions to things.

I decided after two years to broaden my knowledge about programming and began studying Java. I did this for two years. About seven months (split in two periods) worth of internship were also provided. I did some Android programming for the first period and some JavaEE at a bank. I learned, not just coding but a lot about myself.

With this newfound knowledge I returned to the dentist wholesale firm. Now I’m looking for something new and exciting.

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